An Interview with 'Mr LinkedIn', Mark Williams

I like to think I’ve built up a good base of knowledge about LinkedIn – recognising what works on the platform and what doesn’t, through a combination of experimentation with posting, reading up on tips and tricks, attending events and listening to podcasts.

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Honest Talks and social media: a roundup of the event

On Wednesday evening, we hosted the third event in our Honest Talks series, with discussion this time revolving around social media and the role it has to play in our professional and personal lives.

Why isn't social media fun anymore?

Nowadays, I still interact with social media every day, but in truth I rarely use it outside of work – its role in my personal life has completely died off.

Top tips for writing an ace press release

We believe press releases are and will always be a great tool for spreading client news. Obviously you can’t rely solely on this though, they are just one part of a communications campaign.

So, you want to work in PR...?

Having worked full-time in the industry for around 8 months now, I’m still learning. But here are a few pointers I’ve picked up so far.

Exploitation or opportunity? Making the case for an internship in PR

Speaking from my own experience, the internship I undertook at Fourth Day offered me a valuable opportunity to dip a toe in the world of PR and allowed me to experience the day to day realities of working in the industry.

Is social media more bad than good for brands?

What are brands using social media for? Presumably the overall objective is enhancing brand reputation and driving sales. But it might not be for everyone.

Honest Talks - Social media in the workplace

We’re hosting another Honest Talks! The third instalment in our series of panel discussions will be focused on the topic of “Social media in the workplace”. Tickets on sale now.

Fourth Day shortlisted for 2018 UK Content Awards

We are delighted to announce that Fourth Day has been shortlisted for the inaugural 2018 UK Content Awards for B2B Content Campaign of the Year.

Berlin - still a cool kid, but is it time to grow up?

Following a visit to our Berlin office earlier this year, Xanthe Vaughan Williams shares her thoughts on how the city is flourishing into an exciting tech hub – but points out where there might still be room for improvement.

Here's looking at you, Casablanca

Fourth Day enjoyed an inspiring few days overseas at the end of March. We assembled our teams from France, Germany and the UK in Casablanca for our annual offsite meeting.

The best coffee shops for meeting Fourth Day in Manchester

If you come to Fourth Day’s Manchester office we promise to make you a delicious coffee.

The Purpose of PR Survey 2018

Our industry is evolving constantly in response to advancements in digital technology and changes within the media, so pinning down the boundaries of PR is harder than ever.

Weathering a social storm

It’s incredible how, in just over a decade, social media has changed the way companies conduct business, from how to spend money on advertising, to handling customer service queries and much more.

Social media is changing: here's what you need to know

Monitoring changes on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook is a fun part of working in PR. As with much in the digital world, these platforms are constantly evolving as they adapt to changes in user behavioural patterns. 

The Purpose of PR: it’s not just about the clicks

“What actually is PR?” This is a very reasonable question – and one that I’ve grown used to hearing from friends who don’t happen to have a job in communications.

Why big tech companies need to repair their reputations in 2018

Big tech was put on trial in 2017, with firms enduring an onslaught of criticism throughout the year.

Why brands should protect themselves from the dark net

As with so many things internet-related, the Dark Net began with good intentions.

The 'appier future of technology

Earlier this year, with the shock of Brexit still heavy in the air, the organisers of TechCrunch Disrupt decided that they would, after a three-year stint in London, head back to Berlin.