Research and insight

Fourth Day PR can support your growth further through our research division.

To enhance and manage your external profile, we can help you to find out more about your customer base, suppliers, and wider stakeholders, to develop an objective understanding of how they perceive and value you.

This is an opportunity to ask for feedback on your service levels, what people like and don’t like, and where you could improve. It can also be used to understand, in depth, if a way of working or project has been successful. The study can be adapted to the specific business objective you are trying to achieve.

Getting closer to people

Businesses are focused on their employees and customers like never before. Using our bespoke research service, you can reassure customers that you value their feedback and relationship, and the information will help you make changes for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We will work with you to construct the right questions and spend time with you to understand the objectives of the research, what you need to know, and what you fear asking, but have always been curious about.

From this we will develop a piece of work that truly adds value and helps you to improve your business and make decisions in support of your growth and goals.

The research

The research is usually carried out through telephone interviews. This enables a greater richness of information to be gathered, and for questions to be probed more deeply, than would be possible online.

We collect both quantitative and qualitative data – numbers and words – in order to provide statistical, measurable feedback on performance, and the nuances of people’s views and opinions. Both data sets are analysed using principles from psychology, which enable themes to emerge.

At the end of the process, we provide a report with the results of your research, including the findings, feedback, themes and trends that you need to know about. This will also be presented to you – in person –prior to publication, so the senior team can ask questions and understand the top line findings before anyone else.

We will make recommendations based on the findings to support your work with customers and stakeholders, and your wider PR objectives. This insight will be unique to your research.