Honest Talks and the Future of Work: A roundup of the evening

Last night we hosted the latest instalment in our Honest Talks event series at Accelerate Places Manchester.

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Changing the perception of data in society

Big Data London, an event we went to recently, revealed to us that there is a whole lot more to the data industry than we might think, and perceptions of data are being challenged from both a business and societal perspective.

Tech PR for startups - head above or below the parapet?

We spent last Thursday at the inspiring Plexal building, formerly the press office for the 2012 Olympics and now an innovation hub for “deep tech” startups.

Australia's tech scene is heating up

Australia is rapidly growing in every way, with geographic constraints being a thing of the past.

Twitter: Getting rid of the like but increasing the love?

The madness of this Monday morning wouldn’t have been much different from any other – that is, if it weren’t for the Twitter frenzy that was taking place.

Fourth Day opens in Australia

Fourth Day has opened its sixth office! Fourth Day Australia will offer PR and content services to clients operating in the Australasia region.

New Rules: is it make or break for influencer marketing?

Social media platforms are now saturated with sponsored and advertorial content. But it’s not always easy for audiences to realise which posts are ads and which are impartial.

Hamburg's Reeperbahn delivers startups, concerts and airstream interviews

Fourth Day was at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn conference recently, not only to get down to the freshest beats at the concurrent Reeperbahn festival, but also to dive into Hamburg’s flourishing tech startup scene.

We've moved!

Fourth Day’s London team has moved. Our new office is in the fabulous setting of Somerset House - one of the city’s most spectacular and well-loved cultural spaces overlooking the river Thames.

How to write a great article: a checklist

If you are trying to improve as a writer you should want to try new things. No one wants to crank out tired, stale copy that sends everyone to sleep.

Going viral: logic or luck?

The modern dream of any marketing or PR professional is to design a campaign that gets everybody talking. We all want to produce content that will capture the public’s imagination and set the world ablaze.

PR vs journalism: what is the better career choice?

It’s that time of year again when graduates find themselves expelled from the safety of their university bubble and are confronted with important life decisions. The most pressing perhaps, is which way to jump to get that first foot on the career ladder.

Show me the Value – tips on using PR to attract investors

At our recent event, hosted in collaboration with Berlin’s Tech Open Air (TOA) festival, we offered our insight and experience into how to use PR to raise awareness of an organisation amongst stakeholders, particularly potential investors.

How heritage and nostalgia can help sell your brand

The success of remastered technology proves that heritage and nostalgia can sell even in a sector focused on the new and exciting. But how can other companies use the past to strengthen their branding and sell products?

Social media: let’s help this child grow

Rupert Cornford is in a reflective mood after last week’s Honest Talks debate. While social media has had a rough ride, he argues these platforms offer the chance for more supportive and beneficial connections.

Using PR to attract investment at Tech Open Air

Fourth Day has hosted our first ever satellite event in Germany as part of this year's TOA festival in Berlin.

Honest Talks and social media: a roundup of the event

On Wednesday evening, we hosted the third event in our Honest Talks series, with discussion this time revolving around social media and the role it has to play in our professional and personal lives.

Why isn't social media fun anymore?

Nowadays, I still interact with social media every day, but in truth I rarely use it outside of work – its role in my personal life has completely died off.

Top tips for writing an ace press release

We believe press releases are and will always be a great tool for spreading client news. Obviously you can’t rely solely on this though, they are just one part of a communications campaign.