5 steps to creating the perfect podcast

Podcasts as a medium have always interested me. As a commuter, I often find myself getting stuck into a complex topic or funny panel discussion whilst completing other mundane tasks like checking my mobile banking or online shopping.

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Honest Talks #2: Authenticity - this is me, honest

On Thursday, our London team hosted the second event in our three-part Honest Talks series, each of which delving deeper into the topic of social media.

James and the Giant Press Release: PR in Roald Dahl's World

Bookworms rejoice – today is World Book Day! The international celebration of books and reading has been going for 20 years, and this got the Fourth Day team thinking about what we were reading two decades ago.

A day out at Somerset House with Fourth Day PR's London team

Elegant, imposing, bustling, historic, diverse: these are just a few words that could be used to describe Somerset House - where our Fourth Day London office can be found.

Staying credible: how to combat a cacophony of fake news

Fake news is a phenomenon that has plagued democracies in recent years. It’s therefore, more important than ever that brands and aspiring thought leaders alike consider whether the information they are pushing out will be viewed as credible.

Fourth Day PR expands presence in Africa

A news update on new client projects in Benin and Morocco

7 tips for using PR to attract investment

While there are several ways to attract investment from funders - one thing that's essential for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, who are looking to catch the eye of investors, is establishing their credibility using PR.

What’s on the PR radar for 2019?

Nikki shares the team's 2019 predictions for what the year might hold for businesses and PRs when it comes to communication trends.

Hallo from Berlin!

Earlier this month, Lizzie and I spent a few days working in the German capital. It was great to visit Fourth Day’s office and explore the city in our free time.

An Interview with 'Mr LinkedIn', Mark Williams

I like to think I’ve built up a good base of knowledge about LinkedIn – recognising what works on the platform and what doesn’t, through a combination of experimentation with posting, reading up on tips and tricks, attending events and listening to podcasts.

Masculinity in the Workplace - He for me? He and she? Or are we all just people?

Yesterday marked International Men's Day so it was apt that my colleague Xanthe and I headed to Masculinity in the Workplace, hosted by Token Man; an initiative that aims to give men in industry a better understanding of the challenges women face in business, and HeANDShe; a conference series designed to bring men into the gender conversation.

How are we measuring up?

AMEC's measurement month has seen a whole host of events run across the globe so, Emily thought now would be a great time to take stock and share what our approach to measurement is here at Fourth Day.

Three days in Paris

We love spending time with our international colleagues here at Fourth Day, so Eryl and I jumped at the opportunity to be able to work in the Paris office for three days.

Changing the perception of data in society

Big Data London, an event we went to recently, revealed to us that there is a whole lot more to the data industry than we might think, and perceptions of data are being challenged from both a business and societal perspective.

Tech PR for startups - head above or below the parapet?

We spent last Thursday at the inspiring Plexal building, formerly the press office for the 2012 Olympics and now an innovation hub for “deep tech” startups.

Australia's tech scene is heating up

Australia is rapidly growing in every way, with geographic constraints being a thing of the past.

Twitter: Getting rid of the like but increasing the love?

The madness of this Monday morning wouldn’t have been much different from any other – that is, if it weren’t for the Twitter frenzy that was taking place.

Fourth Day opens in Australia

Fourth Day has opened its sixth office! Fourth Day Australia will offer PR and content services to clients operating in the Australasia region.

New Rules: is it make or break for influencer marketing?

Social media platforms are now saturated with sponsored and advertorial content. But it’s not always easy for audiences to realise which posts are ads and which are impartial.