About Fourth Day

We are dedicated to providing brilliant and effective PR and communications services through regional, national and international campaigns. We specialise in the technology sector and help organisations to grow their reputations in Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.

How we’ve grown

Our mission is to be the very best boutique international PR agency.

– Fourth Day founded in London
– Quatrième Jour Paris
– Fourth Day Manchester
– Quatrième Jour Casablanca
– Fourth Day Berlin
– Fourth Day Sydney

What we’re talking about

#onlygoodnews please

Good news has been distinctly lacking in 2020. A reaction to both the pandemic and various political and social crises has been a 'good news movement', organisations actively promoting positivity.


'Can do' measurement part 3: Three steps to content measurement that are often ignored

Content marketing has become crucial for most companies. But are you matching up the tactics you're using to share the content with the metrics to judge how it is performing?


‘Can Do’ Measurement, Part 2: Measuring the impact of social media

Social media plays an important role in sales and marketing strategies. In Part 2 of our measurement series, Danny looks at how you should be measuring your activity on these platforms.