5 steps to creating the perfect podcast

Podcasts as a medium have always interested me. As a commuter, I often find myself getting stuck into a complex topic or funny panel discussion whilst completing other mundane tasks like checking my mobile banking or online shopping.

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What's a website for? Striking a balance between readability and SEO

What's the purpose of a website? Is it to generate traffic? Or to impress those who see it? Both? It can be hard to strike this balance, but it's important to try.

Thought leadership: big opportunity or cringey cliché?

How important is thought leadership when it comes to establishing a professional reputation?

B2B Tech PR: the US perspective

PR agency 3Points Communications are specialists in fintech and Chicago tech. On a recent trip to the Windy City our director Xanthe sat down with founder and CEO Drew Mauck to discuss some of the big trends in international PR, Chicago's 'do-it-yourself attitude' and, among other things, the best place to take a journo for lunch!

PR’s big moments of the past decade

Nikki and I asked a few clients and friends of Fourth Day for examples of inspired and/or terrible PR since 2010. KFC, Gordon Brown and, yes, Prince Andrew feature.

From Kylie Jenner to Barcelona: our top blogs from 2019

Reading through our blog posts from the past year, you can tell it’s been a busy one here at Fourth Day.

Surviving Christmas in Australia: the PR perspective

Despite the surf and barbies, the Christmas period for businesses in Oz can be gruelling. Olivia, our PR consultant Down Under, shares her thoughts on weathering the Christmas blackout.

Fourth Day's recipe for PR campaign success

The Fourth Day Christmas Bake Off is a fiercely contested event. But while we've been baking and tasting our festive treats, this got us thinking - what are the essential ingredients for a PR campaign?

Three takeaways from the Smart Factory Expo

Yesterday, Laura and I headed to Liverpool for the Smart Factory Expo – an event hosted by The Manufacturer as part of Digital Manufacturing Week that brought together more than 6,000 industry leaders and ‘digitally-minded manufacturers.’

What do you mean? The art of creating jargon-free B2B tech copy

At Fourth Day, we are well versed in the art of translation. And not just from one language into another. Often, as any B2B tech PR will know, we are translating tech-heavy copy into easy-to-understand content. Here we explore why this is so important.

What Zuckerberg and WeWork’s struggles tell us about tech PR

Watching Mark Zuckerberg squirming in front of Congress shows just how much trust in tech giants has changed in recent years. So how can tech businesses protect themselves from the current 'techlash'?

Three takeaways from Honest Talks - the Liverpool edition

Last night, we took Honest Talks on the road for the first time as we headed to Liverpool to discuss the future of work.

Honest Talks: The Future of Work: Liverpool

We’re back with Honest Talks: The Future of Work - and this time we're heading to Liverpool to explore the big issues impacting our experiences of work and the way we interact with others.

Honest Talks and the Future of Work: A roundup of the evening

Last night we hosted the latest instalment in our Honest Talks event series at Accelerate Places Manchester.

The future of work: Is technology an enabler or an isolator?

When flexible working first became more common, it was met with a round of applause. Who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of not having to go into the office every single day? But that initial excitement has started to wear off as new issues have popped up as a result.

The Future of Work: Generation Slashie

Ahead of our next Honest Talks event looking at the future of work, we explore the current trend for 'slashie' careers. Is the death of the 'job for life' a blessing or a curse?

Honest Talks: The Future of Work

We’re back with Honest Talks: The Future of Work – a discussion which explores the big issues impacting our experiences of work and the way we interact with others.

Don’t just make a podcast – create something that is worthy of recommendation

The best PR happens when people and brands are recommended independently. That's why, if you’re going to produce your own podcast, you need to make sure people feel confident about passing it on.

Jobs in PR: What really stands out to employers?

About this time last year, I was travelling up to Manchester for my first interview with Fourth Day, a tech PR agency.