We’ve shortlisted for the Prolific North Tech Awards!

The awards recognise the ‘top talent making the North’s tech sector one of the most important and exciting today.’

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Diary of a PR intern

Fourth Day's Summer intern, Biba Stern, shares what's she learned from her first experience of working in the PR industry.

From Peterloo to the Euros: why real life matters

Our UK team (minus two isolating colleagues) recently gathered in Manchester for the first time in over 15 months and enjoyed a walking tour of the city. Xanthe shares thoughts on what she learned.

So, you want to do PR in Europe?

Looking to do PR in Europe? It's crucial that you have a tailored communications plan for each region. Here are some steps you need to follow to achieve that.

PR tips: How marketers can succeed with a PR agency

Vic Heyward, head of brand at Bright, shares her PR tips with Fourth Day director Xanthe Vaughan Williams on how marketers can succeed with a PR agency

What makes us different – PR in Germany

Doing PR, or Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, in Germany is quite different from anywhere else in the world. Kat talks us through some of the unique challenges of running PR campaigns in DACH.

3 reasons why we’re looking forward to a return to the office

We enjoyed our first team meet up in over 6 months this month. It was lovely to feel a sense of normality and reminded us why we can't wait to get back into the office.

Doing PR in the US: Q&A with Torch Communications

We sat down with our friends at US-based Torch Communications to chat about some of the communications considerations companies should be thinking about when setting up shop in the States.

GP Bullhound’s tech predictions - what’s on the horizon for tech in 2021?

We were virtual attendees at GP Bullhound's 2021 technology predictions event to find out which 10 trends it believes will shape the technology landscape this year. Here were our key takeaways.

How lockdown has led us to embrace every occasion

PRs are well-versed in taking advantage of awareness days/weeks/months in the calendar to secure their clients some coverage.

“Next slide please.” How data will shape the post-pandemic news agenda

The pandemic has truly opened people’s eyes to the power of data, offering a huge opportunity for brands post-pandemic to help shape the news agenda and and get their voices heard.

I signed up to Clubhouse and this is what happened

Clubhouse is the new hot kid on the social media block. Forget text or video, Clubhouse is all about the voice, with audio chat rooms available for almost any subject out there. So how do you do it?

Fourth Day running all over the world

We're proud to be supporting The Running Charity in 2021 - running is close to our hearts at Fourth Day. We share some of the team's best snaps from running around the world.

January lockdown blues - tips for staying positive

We’ve been hit with a double whammy this January. Not only do we have to endure the dullest month of the year, but we rolled into 2021 under another lockdown.

‘Can Do’ measurement, Part 5: Measurement metrics jargon buster

A quick cheat sheet on a few of the key measurements we use in PR and what they mean in real terms.

The top 5 most impactful hashtags of 2020

We take a look back at some of the top trending hashtags from across social media in 2020

Don’t panic - the Christmas party has NOT been cancelled!

In case you’re still plotting how to virtually recreate the highlight of the working year, here’s our guide to sprinkling some last minute Christmas party magic, 2020 style

PR in the UK – a beginner’s guide

It’s easy to assume that a common language and culture would mean that a PR programme can easily transfer from the US to the UK. But the reality is quite different. Here is our guide to UK PR.

‘Can Do’ Measurement, Part 4: Measuring the impact of media relations

In order to measure the true impact of a piece of coverage, it's important to ask what happens after the initial hit is secured. In the next in our series on measurement, we look at how to do that.