International PR

W e offer international communications with a local touch, managing regional, national and cross-border campaigns for a long list of fast growth companies looking for a partner PR agency in Europe and beyond.

Some of our clients simply want to dip a toe into global waters while others are looking for full international PR agency to represent them in numerous countries. We provide a flexible service as and when you want to expand overseas.

We won’t ask you to commit to a complete programme in every territory until you’re ready, and you’ll see all the benefits of a boutique agency no matter where you work with us.

To see the story of our own international growth, take a look at our story

"Fourth Day have provided invaluable support to us across Europe as we look to raise our profile beyond the UK market."
Jonathan McKendry Export Sales and Marketing Manager, Carrington Textiles

Frequently asked questions

European PR projects

Do you offer European PR agency support on a project basis?

Yes, we are happy to run PR campaigns that focus on one or more country but include “add-on” projects in different regions as required. We have two approaches to international communications. The first is the “light touch” campaign, in which we communicate news stories to media on a large scale across several countries. For longer term success, however, we recommend more in-depth campaigns in each location, building relationships with the media over a sustained period of time.


International communications

What should I expect from working with an international PR agency?

By choosing an agency that works in more than one country you can be confident not only that your messaging will be consistent, but that it will be tailored to the needs of each local market. You’ll have a single point of contact, communicating in your own language, whose job it is to ensure that campaign is tailored to meet the needs of your team in individual countries.

Global PR support

We want global PR support for our business – where do we start?

If you’re looking for global PR support, we recommend that you choose one country as your hub and co-ordinate your international campaign from there. Whether your starting point is the UK, France or Germany, your core team won’t have to keep reinventing the wheel and managing a host of different agencies with different cultures and diverse reporting standards. We’ll manage the flow of information in both directions and keep things simple.