Want to build your reputation across the water? Here are some things you should know

We asked 53 US technology companies about their plans for European expansion & the type of support they want from PR agencies in the territory. Our report shares their insights and our advice.

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UK PR: media relations tips for US companies

Are you a US company that's looking to create a splash with a PR campaign in the UK? We've shared our top 7 tips for ensuring your media relations work effectively across the pond.

7 tips on PR for tech startups

PR is a brilliant means for tech startups to get their name out there in a credible way. But it can be hard to know where to begin. We've provided 7 tips that will help you get started.

PR tips: How marketers can succeed with a PR agency

Vic Heyward, head of brand at Bright, shares her PR tips with Fourth Day director Xanthe Vaughan Williams on how marketers can succeed with a PR agency

Leadership – can it be learned or is it just earned?

Books and podcasts can offer us a fresh perspective on leadership and lessons which we can apply to our day-to-day work. We share some of our top resources for leadership insights in this blog.

Honest Talks: Leadership in 2020

Honest Talks with Fourth Day is back with Leadership in 2020 – a discussion which explores the big issues impacting business leaders today.

Leading through Coronavirus – can you ‘keep your head when all about you are losing theirs’?

With CEOs being tested to the limit, Nikki spoke to six leaders to understand how they’re leading their teams through the Coronavirus pandemic, and what they’ve learnt about themselves in recent weeks

The CEO and corporate reputation: How leaders promote and protect their businesses

CEOs from six technology companies, all at different stages of growth, discuss their attitudes towards personal profile. Download the whitepaper.

The Purpose of PR Survey

Our industry is evolving constantly in response to advancements in digital technology and changes within the media, so pinning down the boundaries of PR is harder than ever.

The Purpose of PR: it’s not just about the clicks

“What actually is PR?” This is a very reasonable question – and one that I’ve grown used to hearing from friends who don’t happen to have a job in communications.

What's holding back the Manchester Tech Scene

This report features leading figures in the Manchester tech scene discussing what it will take to make the city a global leader.