From Kylie Jenner to Barcelona: our top blogs from 2019

T hey host a real mix of content, a reflection of all that’s gone on – from light-hearted summaries of our offsite trip to Spain, to informative pieces on how to handle an interview for a job in PR, there’s something in there for everyone.

It’s been a great year with some wonderful highlights. There are too many to choose from for a full round-up, so we delved into Google Analytics and found our top performing blogs of 2019. Enjoy!

  1. A day out at Somerset House

The London team are blessed to be able to walk into Somerset House every day and call it home. It’s a privilege to work in such an important cultural hub, where there’s always something happening. On your lunchbreak you might sit in on a talk from one of the many creative companies based here, or inadvertently walk onto a filmset. Right now, you can don your skates and take to the ice – as we did for our Christmas party.

  1. From Queen Victoria to Kylie Jenner: a history of the influencer

If I had to pick one, this would be my outstanding blog of the year. It was a collaborative effort from the team who weaved readers through fascinating insights into the history of influencers. As an enterprise, influencing feels like a modern invention, synonymous with social media and the rise of technology. But it really has its roots in the introduction of photography, where Queen Victoria popularised the wearing of white dresses at weddings, becoming the world’s first notable influencer of social trends.

  1. 7 tips for using PR to attract investment

At number 3 is London director Xanthe with some tips on how companies can keep focus during a PR campaign. It can be easy to lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve, but a quick flick through this blog will be sure to get you back on track.

  1. Salud! from sunny Barcelona

Every year the London, Manchester and Paris offices come together for a few days away in a sunny destination. This year took us to Barcelona, where we strolled the promenade of La Rambla and were treated to a private tour of a local vineyard. Stay tuned for next year’s round-up of our trip to Athens!

  1. Jobs in PR: what really stands out to employers

And at number 1 is Laura’s experience of interviewing for the job here at Fourth Day, with some advice to graduates on how to navigate the new and daunting world of work. The response to this blog was massive, which shows how useful it was to those looking for a break in PR. Laura smashed the interview, and has smashed the job ever since, so you’d do well to take her advice onboard! And the piece even made it on to PRCA‘s blog page!