Fourth Day

Take a Walk with Fourth Day

O ur team are big advocates of getting out for a walk – whether that’s during our working day or at the weekends with our friends and family.

Studies have shown that being outdoors can boost productivity in the workplace – even from just a 5 minute dose of fresh air.

As May is National Walking Month in the UK, we asked the team for their favourite walking spots, and why they’ve chosen them.

Nikki – The Peak District

“I love walking in the Peak District. It’s eye rolls all round from my family every time I say ‘we’re so lucky to have this on our doorstep’ – which is essentially what I say every time we see a hill. But it completely clears my head being up there.

Kinder Scout and Mam Tor are obvious favourites, and Winnats Pass is possibly my favourite road ever, but Lyme Park is also brilliant and even closer to home.”

Image: A walk through the Peaks


Xanthe, Rachel, and Kate – Embankment Gardens

“The Fourth Day London office is right on the banks of the Thames, in Somerset House, which makes for some great opportunities to get out on foot. There are beautiful riverside walks – or runs – on both sides, in both directions.

Commuting in offers opportunities to walk part of the way, and all of us usually manage to take at least a short stroll round Covent Garden at lunchtime to stretch out after being hunched over a computer all morning. This photograph is taken in the pretty Embankment Gardens, which run along the river from Waterloo Bridge to Hungerford Bridge.”

Image: A sunny stroll in London for Rachel, Kate and Xanthe


Dom – The Black Mountains

“Having been born and raised at the foot of the Black Mountains in Wales, I’ve been very lucky to have always been surrounded by some breath-taking landscapes and hills.

The Black Mountains have always given me the strong sense that I’m home, and I have so many great memories of walking them with family and friends over the years. Twmpa (as it’s known locally) is probably my favourite of the bunch, it’s only down the road from my family home, and I always find that it gives me the perfect opportunity to take a step back and relax.”

Image: A hike in The Black Mountains


Caroline – Ilkley

“One of my favourite walks is where I grew up in Ilkley, Yorkshire. There’s a lovely walk up to the 16th century spa cottage called ‘White Wells’ that overlooks the town. It’s perfect for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon for the kids and grandparents whenever I head back, with a nice steady climb past small waterfalls and across footbridges and if you’re lucky the shop will be open to buy an ice cream.

You can drink the fresh spa water that trickles out behind White Wells, while taking in the views across the moors, then decide whether to walk across to the Cow and Calf rocks past one of the tarns or meander your way back into Ilkley town centre.”