"Salud!" from sunny Barcelona

One of the highlights in the Fourth Day office is our annual offsite trip. From the souks of Casablanca and Iceland’s Northern Lights to the rugged hills of the Scottish Highlands, we’ve been just about everywhere and it’s a great opportunity to bring our international offices together.

2019 marked 17 years of Fourth Day offsites (we’ve been doing them since day one) with sixteen of us assembling from our teams in France, Casablanca, Germany and the UK – we even managed a Skype from our Sydney office! This year, we headed to sunny Barcelona where we made Villa Blanca our home for three days.

Sharing ideas in person is so important. Hearing what all the offices have been up to inspires us to think about how we can use new tactics to shake up a campaign as well as learn from the expertise of our fellow colleagues. Here’s a snippet of the projects we shared across our six offices –

Putting video in the frame

There’s often an assumption that all video work must be high production, studio quality – and is therefore very expensive. We have some incredible talent when it comes to producing visual content and, over the past year, we’ve worked in-house and with partners to demonstrate to clients the different ways video can be executed. We’ve also had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects at events like Mobile World Congress and it was great to feedback on how we’ve experimented.

In the spirit of visual communications, head to our YouTube channel for a behind-the-scenes glance of this year’s offsite!

PR isn’t just PR anymore

Whether it’s your customer base, suppliers or wider stakeholders, exploring who your audience is and how they perceive and value you should be the starting point of any PR campaign. However, it’s often rushed or ignored in favour of ‘just getting on with it.’

Helping clients get this phase right means we can improve their business and make decisions that support their growth and goals – so we’ve launched a dedicated research & insight division to do exactly that. Want to learn more? Pop Nikki a note nikki@fourthday.co.uk

Talking the talk  

If you’d have joined us for an aperitif at Villa Blanca, you might have heard a few different languages being spoken. German, Welsh and Arabic are just some that our talented team speak – Jess in our London office even struck up conversation in Russian on a train journey into the city! How’s that for international?!

As well as brainstorming, we also managed to indulge in some downtime including a visit to a local winery, a walk along the beach and, of course, some tapas and sightseeing around the city. Until next time Barcelona – adios!

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Lizzie is an Associate Director in the Manchester team

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