My first impression working in a London Tech PR agency

As I come to the end of my first month at Fourth Day, I thought it would be interesting to share my first impressions of working in the London tech PR agency.

Fourth Day is an international agency, with offices across Europe and Africa, but – apart from a three-day trip to Iceland for the company AGM – I’ve spent most of my first month based in our office in the Bankside area of London. The greatest challenge this has presented – without a doubt – is learning to avoid getting run over on the short walk from London Bridge station.

As a Surrey native, I haven’t spent much time in the nation’s capital previously and I’ve had to learn how to survive on foot– avoiding any number of vehicles, including viciously swerving Segways negotiating the weight of the city’s traffic.

The location of the Fourth Day office, however, is a major advantage. Situated right in the heart of the capital, it’s a few minutes’ walk from several widely-acclaimed institutions like the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and, of course, numerous fine drinking establishments like the Bunch of Grapes.

Getting to grips with B2B tech

Back in the office, learning about many of the complex products and services developed by some of our clients has provided a sharp learning curve. The vast majority of this technology would have been beyond my understanding just one month ago. But I am now familiar with concepts such as mainframe computing, how it differs from cloud computing and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. All complexities aside, working with such diverse technologies as artificial intelligence and 3D printing is making day to day work fascinating.

Learning the office life

Thankfully, I’m still managing to keep my desk clear of clutter. Although this just seems to mean it’s become the new home for the office biscuit tin on most days. This seems to be ideal for those in the office wanting to resist temptation and, being a team player, I’m happy to help out by reducing some of the contents.

So far, it has been an enjoyable learning experience and I am looking forward to contributing to the great projects the team is working on, and developing my skills along the way.