For the third year in a row I’m honoured to be part of the board helping to bring Byte Night to the North West. The real planning for 2015 kicked off last week at a launch event hosted by RBS in Spinningfields (they do the best buffets by the way!).

Once again we’re inviting businesses from across the region to get involved by pledging to sleep out under the stars for the night on Friday 2nd October 2015. The sleep-out is a culmination of fundraising efforts to help us hit this year’s North West target of 200 sleepers and £100,000.

At the launch we heard inspirational stories from three Young Ambassadors for Action for Children, Beth, Jordan and Zola. All three have had very different and difficult journeys but Action for Children has been there to help them turn their lives around.

Unfortunately there are many other stories that we don’t hear, or that don’t have such happy endings. And that’s why we do this year after year.

I was also lucky enough to be invited to the Liverpool Mentoring Programme Graduation recently. The programme helps young people between the ages of 5 and 11 by providing them with a mentor to meet with over the course of a year. The mentor and mentoree set specific goals throughout the programme, around behavioural issues for example. I got to see the end result – a fantastic graduation ceremony held at Croxton Hall, rewarding all of the children who achieved their goals with flying colours.

This sort of early intervention is typical of the work funded by Action for Children and I felt so privileged to be there. The fact that my own children are all aged between 5 and 11 made it even more real for me.

The most important thing to know about the Liverpool Mentoring Programme is that it’s funded by money raised from Byte Night – and that’s even more brilliant.

So, we’d like to encourage all of our clients and friends of Fourth Day to sign up to help keep vital projects like this going. Plus, you get to spend the evening with us and lots of others from the worlds of tech, digital and creative in the North West. What’s not to love?

An announcement will be made soon about this year’s Byte Night venue but in the meantime, here’s a video from last year to tell you what it’s all about or you can visit the Byte Night website for more info

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Nikki is a director and co-founder of Fourth Day

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