With less than four weeks to go until Byte Night 2013, the reality of sleeping outside, in October, in Manchester is starting to dawn on us. Fourth Day’s offices, both north and south, alongside our pals from Ahoy, Tech for Trade, CTT and freelance journalist Gary Flood, will brave the elements on Friday 4th October as part of Byte Night 2013.

Byte Night takes place across the UK and raises money for Action for Children, which helps vulnerable and homeless young people. The target for the inaugural North West sleep-out is 200 people, with a fundraising target of £100,000. So far more than 150 people from the region’s IT and digital industries have signed up – but we still need more local businesses to step up and support the event.

We also need your help to reach our fundraising target of £5,000 between Fourth Day’s two teams. It’s a staggering amount and we’re doing everything we can to think of creative ways we can get there. But we need your help! Any support you can give us, however small, would be so gratefully received. You can donate to either team, we’re not competitive. Honest. We’ll even concede to mercilessly promote your brand for a small fee, if you’d like us to wear any of your corporate kit! We will, of course, produce photographic evidence.

Donate to Team London

Donate to Team Manchester

Byte Night was first launched in 1998 when 30 people from the IT industry slept out and raised £35,000 for Action for Children. Since that night, the event has grown to over 1000 people participating each year, raising over £950,000 in 2012 alone across the UK. As well as Manchester, there are events taking place in London, Cambridge, Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Thames Valley.

From the night it began, 16 years ago, to its fifteenth anniversary in 2012, Byte Night has raised a phenomenal £5.2 million.

Byte Night improves and supports the lives of young, homeless people all across the UK. It helps Action for Children tackle the root causes of homelessness, keeping vulnerable young people off the streets and enabling them to build better lives with access to education and training opportunities.

Thanks for your support!

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