Fourth Day's mission is to devise and deliver the best PR, content and communications campaigns to help our clients to achieve their business goals – be they reputation management, lead generation or brand awareness. Many of our clients are in the business technology sector, but we also work with arts and not-for-profit organisations. With offices in London, Manchester, Paris, Berlin and Casablanca, we offer an international service and are supported by a network of partners worldwide. We offer our clients honest advice and whole-hearted support. Our motto is "frank, friendly and unflappable."



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Fourth Day is an international PR agency with offices in London, Manchester, Paris, Berlin and Casablanca - supported by a network of international partners.


24 November, 2016

Do you really need a PR agency?

By Nikki. It might sound like commercial suicide for us to question whether you need to hire a PR agency. But as well as wanting to grow our business we’re keen to ensure a strong relationship with any new client because it helps us both in the long run. That can’t happen unless we’re all a bit ...

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Fourth Day PR
Fourth Day PR

While @sapphirerees is still hard at it, @TerrierTess has given up for the weekend #PR #Manchester

Fourth Day PR
Fourth Day PR

Lizzie in Manchester chose our #FridayFeelGood song this week - it'll brighten up your afternoon!…

Fourth Day PR
Fourth Day PR

Great evening with clients @AllotmentBar last night with added bonus of @JiveSwingsBand - fully in the Xmas spirit, albeit with sore heads

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  • Rocket Software
  • MHA
  • Segura
  • Carrington
  • Semafone
  • Steamhaus
  • B2C Europe
  • Syncron
  • Probrand Group
  • SCM World
  • National Coding Week
  • Girls Out Loud
  • APS
  • Electio
  • Posh Rock
  • Shoppertrak
  • M2M Intelligence
  • DG Media Mind
  • MPD
  • NGA
  • Embarcadero
  • Fact Finder
  • Helpline
  • IFS
  • JDA
  • Neotys
  • Access Group
  • Daisy Group
  • Paper


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