Fourth Day's mission is to devise and deliver the best PR, content and communications campaigns to help our clients achieve their business goals – whether that's reputation management, lead generation or brand awareness.

Specialists in the business technology sector, we also work with arts and not for profit organisations. From our offices in London, Manchester, France, Germany and Morocco, we help organisations reach customers in Europe and Africa  and the rest of the world through an international network of partners. 

Our clients receive honest advice and whole-hearted support – with our motto being, "frank, friendly and unflappable."



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Fourth Day is an international PR agency with offices in London, Manchester, France, Germany and Africa - supported by a network of international partners.


21 November, 2017

Alcohol and business: Should the UK follow the German approach to networking?

In Germany beer is seen as part of the national identity. This is reflected in its widespread availability, everywhere from motorway stations to gyms. It’s even legal to buy beer at 16 years of age. Yet its role in German business culture is very different and stands in stark contrast to the UK....

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Fourth Day PR
Fourth Day PR

Eryl and James are at a CIPR panel event to hear about whether a lack of investment in local media is damaging soci……

Fourth Day PR
Fourth Day PR

It's exciting to hear that this year's #Budget is set to "embrace the future", with much talk of a technical revolu……

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