The Importance of Content to your New Website

H uman beings are visual creatures so it is not surprising that when organisations approach a website project they often think of imagery first. This consideration often comes before the most important thing, the message the brand is trying to communicate.

A good designer will always want to know what the message is before they begin work on a website project. This will act as their guide to ensure that the visuals are saying the right thing to the right people.

The onus is on a business to know what they are trying to say before they engage the designer, and to think about the content that is going to populate the website from the outset. Our survey, conducted with 50 UK web design agencies, found that just 8% of designers would be prepared to start a website project without having content to work with.

The research aimed to sample sentiment around content and evaluate its importance to a website project. It has revealed that not only is content a vital component in website development, lack of content was also the second biggest cause of delays in website projects.

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The author

Paul is Fourth Day's Head of Content , based in Manchester

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