Fourth Day meets... my2be

This week, we’re delighted to welcome a guest blog post from Adam Mitcheson, CEO and founder of my2be, a tech start-up based in Manchester.

Tell us a bit more about my2be

my2be is an online social network for students and professionals. Wherever you are in your career, we help you to reach the next stage through networking, advice, and mentoring.

Say you’re a student wondering what to do once you finish education but aren’t sure what level of education you need. You have an interest in football, want to live in London, and earn around £60k p/a. Enter this into a search and the system will bring up a list of profiles with people already in roles similar to your search. You can then view those profiles to see what it is those people do and how they got there. You can then connect with them as either a contact or as an advisor so as to begin building your mentor relationship. The same principle applies to anyone looking further ahead in their existing career.

How long have you been going? 

The idea came in late 2014 and we’ve been going ever since. I’m not from a tech background so I grouped together with two friends that were. We began by building the initial website – while still being employed in our existing 9-5 jobs. Last summer, I made the decision to hire two students from Manchester University to help further develop the website. This saw rapid progress and in November 2015 I took the site on full time.

What sector/areas do you work in? 

Education, careers, social, technology

What does an average day look like to you? 

I start by going through emails. I’ll occasionally have a meeting pencilled in with people I’ve met along the way who can help us further the site. At the moment we’re concentrating on building content which I’m mostly managing myself. I’m always active on social media throughout the day and always researching various areas that we can target as well as devising strategies to help us grow.

What’s the start-up scene like in Manchester?

Active! There seems to be a handful of well-known start-ups in Manchester, but there are thousands of lesser-known businesses too. There is a real buzz about the city and there is always something going on. I don’t think it will be too long before something really big comes out of Manchester again – I hope that will be my2be!

Keep up to date with my2be at @my2be_

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Danny is an Account Manager in the Manchester office

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