Don’t panic - the Christmas party has NOT been cancelled!

W e are all pretty Zoomed out this year, however with most of the UK (and Europe) still in some form of lockdown, it is one of the easiest ways to communicate and an essential part of the office life reboot, including this year’s office party.

Do not fear the virtual party

There are plenty of ways to make the party entertaining, inclusive and ‘fun’ without going near a traditional pub style quiz. Fourth Day went early with our international Christmas ‘do’, with party hampers delivered to our doorsteps containing prosecco, popcorn and other goodies.
After a cheeky warm-up round of best photos of 2020, we played several online games including one involving colleagues writing slogans for T-shirts with graphics created by our own fair hands. Who knew designing T-Shirts could be so amusing!

What about our clients?

Vic Heyward, Brand and Communications Manager of digital asset management platform company Bright, told us all about their plans including an online game called ‘Master of Tasks’ based on the popular Dave TV show ‘Task Master’. Vic said “One of the main reasons for choosing this option was the fact that it’s a known and popular concept, and it involves a level of ridiculousness which everyone needs at a Christmas party”.

Vic added “We’ll be starting with a company round-up, then straight into online team games including a selection of practical challenges that use household items. We can expect our flamboyant game show host to take us through the games, which require some creative thinking. Teams can come up with some amusing practical solutions to each challenge they are set”.

Lucy Sunner, Head of Culture at Autocab, shared their party plans including a swag bag for each member of staff with artisan sweet treats, an Amazon gift voucher and merch including an Autocab branded Christmas hat!  The Friday afternoon bonanza started with a review of the year from the board, then launched into a selection pack of online activities peaking with BYOB drinks and a Christmas jumper competition. Virtual games and quizzes were scheduled every 15 minutes, allowing people to drop in to the ones they fancied – choices included Humdingers, Who am I, The Price is Right (with a taxi theme) and guess the celebrity

Swagbags and original, amusing virtual games seem to be the 2020 party winners. One thing is for certain, many companies are going out of their way to recreate the best virtual party experience for their staff after what has been a pretty crackers year…

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