I think it’s safe to say that no one looks forward to sleeping outdoors under the elements – especially when it starts raining at 3am. Even the fact that we were raising money for a very worthwhile cause didn’t quite dampen the hesitation we all felt.

BUT we did it! And our Fourth Day PR team, with help from our friends at Ahoy and clients CTT and Tech For Trade, have raised nearly £4,000 and counting.

All together Byte Night North West has so far raised more than £65,000, which is amazing news.

This was the first year that Byte Night had taken place in the North West so it was an exciting time to see whether our teams were up to the challenge and how much we could collectively raise.

Money from Byte Night goes directly to Action for Children which helps vulnerable and homeless youngsters by funding a variety of projects. The evening event sees all the sleepers get together for a hearty meal, quiz and charity auction.

We also got to see videos featuring just a few of the youngsters and the projects helped by Byte Night – and it really made me realise why we were there.

Sleeping outside for one night isn’t fun – but it’s not meant to be. There are people who do this night after night – and they certainly don’t have the amount of waterproofing that we had.

One of the most important things that struck me is that when young people end up homeless, it’s not just a roof over their head that’s missing – it’s a family and a support network.

Having grown up in a massively supportive family, it made me realise how lucky I am and that not everyone has that to fall back on when times get tough.

I’m proud that we sacrificed one night in our warm, cosy beds – and I’d happily do it all again if it helped Action for Children carry on all its good work.

If anyone reading this still wants to sponsor us, even a few pounds can really help. Thanks!

Find out more about Byte Night.

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