We launched our new event series aimed at professionals working in B2B PR last night and it was great to see so many of the Manchester community turn out for it.

My colleagues and I were passionate about creating something specifically for B2B PRs to come together to share advice and network.

There are some fantastic networking events for PRs, yet there can be a tendency to focus on the tactics and skills deployed in a consumer setting. While this is really interesting to listen to, as a young B2B PR you can often leave feeling that there’s not much for you to take away and apply to your work day-to-day.

Our first event, held at Rise (formerly the Manchester Escalator) was titled Being B2B: the state of play for business to business PRs, and was a chance for new starters, old hands and colleagues from the wider industry to network over a drink while reflecting on their experiences working in the sector.

The panellists, business journalist Richard Frost, MMU course lecturer David Edmundson-Bird, and our very own Nikki Scrivener, provided some excellent insights and entertaining anecdotes which provoked interesting debate amongst the audience.

Some of my key takeaways were that;

  • As an industry, we need to be doing more to attract up and coming graduates by highlighting all the fantastic benefits B2B has to offer and actually getting in front of them in their university lecture theatres
  • Digital skills are becoming increasingly important, but excellent writing still remains fundamental
  • Although there is a great deal of creativity within B2B, perhaps there is more we can learn from our consumer counterparts

Thank you again to everyone who attended. Please do get in touch if you’d like to get involved in the next event or would like to make any suggestions for future Being B2B events.

We’re planning to host the next event in London so keep your eyes peeled for details!

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Nikki is a director and co-founder of Fourth Day

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