Q&A: Lisa Henshaw

Welcome back to our Q&A blog! This month we’re in our London office to find a out a little bit more about Associate Director, Lisa Henshaw! Lisa focuses on our charity PR division, as well as technology and IT PR.

1. Favourite band as a teenager?

I went to high school in Canada and was therefore pretty enthralled with the Barenaked Ladies when they first came out.  Either them or the Beach boys (always a California Girl at heart).

2. If you could travel anywhere in time, where would you go and why?
I would attend an original performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. And (obviously) join the Bard himself for a celebratory pint afterwards!

3. Tea or coffee?
Either a chai tea latte or peppermint tea.

4. Name one modern appliance you could/would choose to live without?
I still have yet to be convinced that I need an iPad.

5. What can’t you live without?
My family and friends.

6. What event would you choose to enter in the Olympic Games if you had to pick one?
Swimming, because I love it. Or something like whitewater rafting because how cool would it be to train for that?!

7. Favourite memory of your childhood?
Playing ‘kick the can’ and ‘capture the flag’ in the woods with good friends outside our little log cabins near Lake Tahoe.

8. If you weren’t in PR, what would your dream job be?
Something that helps transforms businesses into social enterprises and helps connect people to good causes.

9. Favourite all time song and why?
Everlong – the acoustic version by the Foo Fighters.  Because it speaks to me.

10. What do you think the next big thing in the media will be?
I’m still holding out for moving picture in print publications – like The Daily Prophet  in Harry Potter.

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Lizzie is an Associate Director in the Manchester team

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