Positioning Lytx as a global authority on video telematics

We established Lytx as an authority with the most influential people in video telematics

L ytx® has pioneered the use of video telematics to improve safety in commercial vehicles.

Its Surfsight® solution is an intelligent dash cam that uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to alert fleet managers and drivers to instances of risky driving behaviours. Through these notifications, drivers can self-correct and prevent risk from turning into anything more significant. Working with more than 5,000 commercial fleets across the world, the company’s guiding vision is that no commercial driver should ever be the cause of a collision.

Lytx wanted to raise awareness of its Surfsight solution and communicate how artificial intelligence combined with video telematics is helping to tackle fleet risk proactively. The business had also recently added an indirect business model to its overall strategy and needed to develop its messaging and communications strategy to reach telematics partners in the UK and European markets.

Communications objectives

  • Present Lytx as a global authority on video telematics and dispel some of the myths around intelligent dash cams
  • Communicate the company’s expertise in risk detection, driver empowerment, insurance risk and incident prevention
  • Educate the fleet management market about video telematics and how it is easily outstripping traditional telematics solutions
  • Build awareness of the company’s Surfsight solution

The campaign:

Our campaign was targeted at the UK and European markets and comprised:

Strategic messaging. Lytx’s indirect business strategy meant the company was speaking to a broad mix of audiences, including telematics partners and insurers, who integrate Lytx with their existing solutions. We worked closely with the marketing team to create clear messages that would resonate with audiences and could be used consistently across multiple touchpoints. This laid the foundations for all subsequent activity.

Media and analyst relations. Media articles would ensure Lytx was leading the conversation on issues that were important to prospective customers and telematics partners. As insurers were a key target, we used by-lined articles to introduce Lytx’s concept of ‘First Notification of Risk’ (FNOR) to insurance industry media. We also approached analysts to introduce Lytx and set up briefings where the team could provide more information about the company, its products and its business strategy.

Making meaningful introductions. As we worked to establish Lytx as a global authority on video telematics, we also put the company forward for speaking opportunities, events and partnerships with trade bodies. This included The Forum of European Road Safety Research Institute (FERSI) conference which focuses on the exchange of experiences when implementing evidence-based road safety measures. From researching the event and supporting the submission, to producing a paper and poster presentation, we assisted Lytx throughout the process.

Content creation. We worked with Lytx to develop content across multiple touchpoints to educate and nurture prospects, including:

  • Thought-leadership style materials that would demonstrate Lytx’s credentials as an industry leader. This included a guide that debunked common myths about video as well as a paper presented at the FERSI conference that looked at how next-generation video technology is improving safety and reducing risk.
  • Website and blog content to support events such as the Fleet Europe Conference.
  • Social media content to promote individual spokespeople within the team, including LinkedIn articles
  • Copy for new telematics partner prospecting which identified and spoke to C-level personas and their specific requirements
"Fourth Day constantly come up with new and creative ways to achieve our objectives and they have helped us to pivot as our business offering continues to expand and evolve. They are a trusted advisor, and I really value the strategic relationship we have."
Kristin Hodgkinson Senior Partner Marketing Manager EMEA, Lytx

At a glance:

  • Influencing EU policy initiated talks with the European Transport Safety Council
  • Expert commentary called upon as an authoritative voice by top tier industry media
  • Sought out by analysts introductory meetings with Gartner, IDC & Berg Insight

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Media coverage. Our thought leadership campaign has ensured Lytx is regularly featured in tier one trade publications such as FleetPoint, FleetWorld and InsurTech. As well as incorporating messages about risk management and incident prevention, this exposure has also provided an opportunity to firmly establish newer concepts such as FNOR.

Influencing analysts. We successfully engaged with target analysts including Gartner, IDC and Berg Insight. These meetings were an opportunity to introduce Lytx and demonstrate how the company is leading a new wave of video telematics for commercial fleets in Europe.

Putting Lytx in a position to influence EU policy. At the FERSI conference, Lytx was approached by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) to discuss how the company could help them with their advanced driver distraction warning, as part of the EU General Safety Regulation. This has also led to discussions with the EU General Safety Regulation’s research arm, the Transport Research Laboratory.

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