Establishing Envair Technology as a thought leader in the pharmaceutical industry

Our campaign helped build Envair Technology's reputation, raised awareness of its expertise and established its credentials with its target audiences

E nvair Technology designs, manufactures and installs clean air and containment solutions that help pharmaceutical companies improve how they develop and manufacture drugs.

When we were approached for PR support, the group had recently consolidated three businesses under the Envair Technology brand name.

The company was also working towards ambitious growth targets as demand for its solutions was increasing rapidly. This was driven by trends including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire among manufacturers to produce targeted medicines that can treat specific cancers.

Below we explain how we came to identify an opportunity to build awareness of the new brand through an issues-based PR programme. This established Envair Technology as a thought leader that was providing the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors with practical and solutions-based advice, along with the latest thinking on clean air and containment.


Clean air and containment is a niche sector and, while there are key trade publications that focus on the industry, we were tasked with reaching the wider pharmaceutical and healthcare press.

Part of the campaign involved supporting recruitment and retention. There is a unique containment technology talent pool in the North-West of England, due to a historical pharmaceutical presence in the region. But competition for these skills is fierce – so another key objective was to ensure Envair Technology stood out as a strong employer brand within the regional business media.

Our strategy revolved around mining the knowledge of the senior leadership team within Envair Technology’s three distinct brands – flexible isolator specialist, ONFAB, rigid isolator manufacturer, Envair, and Total Containment Solutions (TCS), a supplier of fume cupboards. 

Their insight and expertise would prove invaluable in positioning the organisation as a thought leader with both the media and Envair’s target audiences.


We used multiple strands within our thought-leadership campaign to achieve these objectives:

Demonstrate growth – we produced stories that highlighted how the business was growing – for example, senior leadership appointments, the move to a new, larger facility and an increase in international sales.

Establish expertise – we established Envair Technology’s leadership team as industry experts through opinion articles and comment within the media, as well as organising speaking opportunities and interviews to increase their visibility at a regional level.

Boost employer brand –as a brand, Envair has heritage and credibility, and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. We wanted to share stories about the people within the business to promote the group’s culture and support its recruitment and retention efforts. For example, we shone a spotlight on female engineers within the business, highlighting their backstory and their opinions on how more women could and should choose engineering as a career.

“Fourth Day’s ability to write about complex technology in a clear and compelling manner helped to highlight the expertise that we have within Envair Technology. It felt like they really understood our technology and the messages we were trying to get across to the media.”
Andrew Ellison CEO of Envair Technology

At a glance:

  • 65 articles Across trade, business and regional media in 18 months
  • Industry credibility Established the leadership team as experts through media articles and speaking opportunities
  • Boost to employer brand Recruiters commented on Envair's media presence


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Increased brand awareness: In 18 months, we achieved 65 pieces of coverage across trade, business and regional media. Highlights included Envair Technology’s CEO, Andrew Ellison, appearing in an exclusive profile piece in North West Business Insider, as well as having his comments featured in an article in The Manufacturer around how manufacturers can scale up. Key spokespeople from the business also appeared on roundtables hosted by regional media and industry media.

Underlining industry credentials: The opinion articles we produced unpacked complex technology and demonstrated the company’s market leading credentials within the clean air and containment space. They also provided marketing collateral that was shared with customers and prospects by the sales team.

Attracting talent: The coverage we secured also boosted the group’s ability to attract talent. During the search for a new Finance Director, recruiters noted that they learnt about Envair Technology through seeing articles in the press.

Media coverage

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