'Can do' measurement part 3: Three steps to content measurement that are often ignored

Content marketing has become crucial for most companies. But are you matching up the tactics you're using to share the content with the metrics to judge how it is performing?

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#onlygoodnews please

Good news has been distinctly lacking in 2020. A reaction to both the pandemic and various political and social crises has been a 'good news movement', organisations actively promoting positivity.

‘Can Do’ Measurement, Part 2: Measuring the impact of social media

Social media plays an important role in sales and marketing strategies. In Part 2 of our measurement series, Danny looks at how you should be measuring your activity on these platforms.

Virtual insanity? The good and bad of online events

Virtual industry events have very quickly become the norm in 2020. But with everybody doing it, getting it right is more important than ever. Here we share our personal experiences of virtual events.

Three highlights from the Women in Business Expo Virtual

Last week, I attended the Women in Business Expo Virtual. Here's my three highlights from the two-day event.

'Can Do' measurement, part 1: The truth about measuring PR

Measuring the value of PR, and its real impact, is something the industry has grappled with since its inception. Here Fourth Day director Nikki introduces a series of blogs on the thorny subject of measurement.

How ‘slow news’ has emerged in a fast-changing media landscape

The way we share and consume news today has changed entirely with 24-hour news channels and social media. But a new journalistic style is emerging - we find out more about the growing trend of 'slow news.'

Diversity and reputation management in business - an interview with Olive Strachan MBE (Part 2)

In the second half of our interview, we asked Olive Strachan what businesses need to consider when it comes to diversity and inclusion - what practical changes they can make and how they should approach the topic in the context of their reputation.

Diversity and inclusion in business – an interview with Olive Strachan MBE (Part 1)

In the first of a two part series, we sit down with Olive Strachan MBE to find out more about how she works with businesses on diversity and inclusion, as well as hearing her views on the recent Black Lives Matter movement

“You’re on mute”: How Zoom has changed business etiquette

With many of us conducting our meetings virtually over the past few months, Caroline Fletcher looks at how our business etiquette has changed in this time.

Hosting your virtual event – what you need to know

If you're making the move to virtual events, Lizzie Wood has some tips for you, fresh off the back of organising our first virtual Honest Talks

Honest Talks and leadership in 2020 – what we learned

In our latest Honest Talks event, our panelists explored what it means to be a leader in 2020.

Leadership – can it be learned or is it just earned?

Books and podcasts can offer us a fresh perspective on leadership and lessons which we can apply to our day-to-day work. We share some of our top resources for leadership insights in this blog.

What will you be spending your marketing budget on next?

With 9% of the UK marketing workforce either furloughed or made redundant, teams are already having to do more with less budget. So, what will Q3 and Q4 2020 look like for UK marketers?

Honest Talks: Leadership in 2020

Honest Talks with Fourth Day is back with Leadership in 2020 – a discussion which explores the big issues impacting business leaders today.

Leading through Coronavirus – can you ‘keep your head when all about you are losing theirs’?

With CEOs being tested to the limit, Nikki spoke to six leaders to understand how they’re leading their teams through the Coronavirus pandemic, and what they’ve learnt about themselves in recent weeks.

The CEO and corporate reputation: How leaders promote and protect their businesses

CEOs from six technology companies, all at different stages of growth, discuss their attitudes towards personal profile. Download the whitepaper.

Getting ahead of the media agenda – how to hit a moving target

With a constant barrage of breaking stories and a Covid-19 focused news cycle, it can feel like a struggle to cut through and make yourself heard at the minute. But there are ways to make it work, and work well. Here's how.

Good news, bad news or escapism - what do we want from our media during a pandemic?

How have our media consumption habits changed during the coronavirus lockdown? Our London director, Xanthe, collected views from colleagues, partners and journalists on the subject.